Unparalleled for its rigor, thoroughness, and integrity, Colrain is the original, one-of-a-kind manuscript conference.  Faculty includes nationally-renowned poet-editors and publishers. Work with the best for the best results!
Our unique, realistic method of manuscript evaluation sets poets with a manuscript-in-progress on a path toward publication. Poets also get a look into the publication world and make important contacts with leading editors, teachers, and publishers.

Participants Speak

The Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference will benefit anyone wanting to gain a richer sense of the editor’s perspective, a fuller sense of the poem as an action within a collection, and a more nuanced sense of the collection as discourse for and with readers. The conference is well-designed, excellently staffed, and smoothly run. The iteration of the conference I attended was “remote participation via Zoom,” and the technology was no barrier to an effective and rewarding conference. ”Remote?” Yes. ”Participation”: absolutely and fully. —T.H., Normal, Illinois